Stone Veneer

Interior & Exterior Natural Stone Veneer

Affordable Luxury Stone Accents

Thin natural stone veneer offers all the beauty of natural stone but at a much lower cost and with minimal maintenance required. It is suitable for fireplaces, chimneys, accent walls, and any other application where natural stone would typically be used. Natural stone veneer is easily applied and available in a wide variety of colors, textures, styles, and shapes, including thin brick veneer.

The Perfect Solution for Any Budget

Natural stone veneer is ideal for clients who want to add various stone accents to their home while leveraging a limited budget. With stone veneer, you can achieve far more than what solid natural stone would allow.

The Benefits of Stone Veneer

In addition to the cost savings and low maintenance, stone veneer provides several key benefits:

With its versatility, stunning looks, and practical advantages, stone veneer is an excellent investment for enhancing any home or commercial property.

Realistic Faux Stone Options

Sometimes called faux stone or artificial stone, the pieces are lightweight, durable, pre-sealed, and scratch-resistant. Once installed, it is impossible to tell them apart from natural stone obtained from a quarry. The ability to use them indoors or outdoors means clients can develop a consistent stone “theme” throughout their home without needing special structural reinforcement.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Stone Looks

Stone wall veneer can be installed with ease on any stable wall surface, including concrete, brick, plywood, or drywall. With the wide variety of veneer rock to choose from, clients have many options to develop a custom look for their home.

Create Stunning Focal Points

A cultured stone fireplace or an accented entryway leading to a stone-lined ascending staircase can create a dramatic look. A stone veneer or brick veneer fireplace in a family room, complemented by veneer strategically placed in the kitchen, can add richness to the main living area.