Brick Staining

Brick Staining for a Permanent, Natural Finish

At Building Blocks Construction, our belief is that our customers’ needs are of utmost importance. Our team is committed to meeting those needs. Our system for refinishing brick is a proven process that transforms old, tired brick, or outdated brick color into a fresh, clean look while protecting your home or building for years to come.

When it comes to applying color to brick surfaces, the product you select is as critical as the company you choose. Be sure to select a knowledgeable company with a track record of standing behind their work and using the right product for your project.

Brick Staining - Residenital BeforeBrick Staining - Residential House
Brick Staining 2 - BeforeBrick Staining 2 - After
Brick Staining 3 - BeforeBrick Staining 3 - After
CHCH Brick Staining - BeforeCHCH Brick Staining - After

Brick Staining vs Brick Painting

Permanent Coloring vs Short-Term Solution

Exterior brick painting requires maintenance every 3-5 years due to issues like adhesion failures from efflorescence. In contrast, brick staining is permanent - the stain absorbs into the brick, forming a chemical bond that tints the color without requiring ongoing maintenance.

Breathable Finish vs Moisture Trapping

Brick is a porous surface that must be able to breathe and release moisture. Painting traps moisture, leading to blistering, chipping, and potential water damage over time. Our breathable brick stain allows the brick to release moisture properly.

Bonding vs Surface Coating

Paint simply coats the brick's surface in a non-breathable film. Our stain penetrates deep and forms an actual chemical bond with the masonry through a petrification process, permanently locking in the color.

Natural Texture vs Flat Finish

While paint creates a flat finish that hides the brick's natural texture, our slightly translucent stain enhances and highlights the inherent texture. You can feel the actual brick, not just paint.

Ideal for Various Surfaces

Our mineral-based brick staining is suitable for a wide range of absorbent mineral surfaces, including
Available in a variety of colors, brick staining allows you to lighten, darken, or completely refresh the look of your home’s exterior with a long-lasting, naturally beautiful finish. Contact us to learn more.